JSC „Fire Experts”

Laisvės av. 60, LT-05120 Vilnius, Lithuania

Tel.: +370 685 84932

E-mail.: info@fire-experts.lt

Other data:

Company code 300622635

VAT code LT100002806115

Swedbank, Account number LT297300010097929764

Bank code 73000


Andrius Lukosius

Sales team manager 

- Sales of fire resistant doors and gates;

- Sales of fire resistant boards;

- Sales of smoke removal skylights, fanlights;

- Sales of automatic fire curtains;

- Sales of automatic smoke curtains;


+370 685 84932


Mantas Bimbiris

Sales manager 

- Sales of flame retardants for wooden constructions;

- Sales of fire resistant paints for steel constructions, plasters, boards;

- Sales of fire protection coatings for electric cables;

- Sales of fire resistant sealing materials;

- Sales of fire resistant revision doors;

- Sales of stationary smoke curtains;

- Sales of glass fabric.


+370 645 62891



+370 694 89278


+370 685 84932

Working hours I - V  8:00 - 17:00

Access route to JSC "Fire Experts" warehouse from Justiniskių str.:

 is justiniskiu g8

 Access route to JSC "Fire Experts" warehouse from Pilaites ave.:

is pilaites pr5

 Access route to JSC "Fire Experts" warehouse from Laisves ave.:

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