UAB "Fire Experts" main areas of activity - fire protection systems.

Our experience and the available scientific potential allows us to provide you with optimal solutions to implement the fire safety requirements of your project. Experienced and competent professionals offers:

- Fire safety advice; 

- Fire works; 

- Fire products. 

Our knowledge gives us the opportunity to save your money.


- High level of service and individual solutions for each client;

- Comprehensive customer needs and problem analysis;

- Responsibility;

- Permanent funds investment in the latest technology and knowledge improvement;

- Professional solutions.

Business vision

To be the leading fire protection company in the Lithuanian market as well known outside Lithuania.


Reliable, best satisfying customer needs fire safety design - installation - trade - manufacturing service system, continuously rising and increasing employee awareness of their company, and material prosperity.


- Satisfied customers. The main thing - customer satisfaction, which ensures high quality goods and flawless services;

- Satisfied employees. Employees - our greatest asset;

- Excellent performance. We aim to work perfectly. Work is good for us is not enough;

- Progress. Continuous process improvement, continuous learning and self-development of each employee are factors which allow the company to be the leader in selected markets.


- Fi-ReX-Pro System  brand creation;

- Satisfied customers;

- Competent staff;

- Powerful and flexible management system;

- Deployment of advanced technologies;

- Strengthen its exclusivity provision surpass customers expectations contracts implementing decisions, including the formation of  the "exceptional character" of the enterprise;

- Increase operational efficiency;

- Good working results:

   -profit increase;

   -Product and service spectrum of growth;

   -costs saving.